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For The Sole & Only Purpose Of Sections Of This Below Page
Return Outline & Warranty Replacement Disclaimer Information

Anytime The Capital Letters " EA " Is Used Or Made Reference To
This Represents The Company & Ohio Corporation " ELECTRICAL ADVANTAGE, INC

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Returns Accepted Only When Meeting The Following & Various Below Guidelines

Within 30 Days Of Ship Out Date, 20% Restocking Charges, And Return Package Must Include A Copy Of Our Invoice.
** The Restocking Charge Stated May Also Be Applied To Defective Returns When The Customer Wants Only A Refund Also **
Any & All items that have been opened and/or installed we can not accept back for credit.

* Our Invoice # Will Then Become The RGA " Return Goods Authorization " Number *


Additional Critical To Follow Guidelines & Outline Of Policies

We/EA Reserve's the Right To Refuse Any Returns Where Policy Not Followed, or on items that have been altered.

All Returns & Warranty Problems / Replacements Must Be Approved Before They Will Be Accepted or Honored.

Restocking charge assigned will be a minimum of $15.00 on all orders, or 20% of the purchase price which ever is greater.
All returns must include a clear note about the return / exchange, and a copy of our invoice which is included with every shipment.
Without the our invoice - the return's will not be accepted

We/EA Reserve's The Right To Refuse Any/All Returns At Anytime !

Without The Invoice or Invoice Copy From Inside The Original Shipment - The Return Will Rarely Be Accepted


Items NOT Accepted For Return:

Electrical Parts Opened, installed Parts, Oil Soiled Packaging, and Items without our original packaging as rec'd.

Returns after 30 days will not be accepted unless we approve and clear them prior to shipping the package in to us.
These terms have been made so strict due to select abuse from the buyer community.
Additionally we may approve a package be shipped back to us/EA , and
later deny any possible refund due to install error or item damage from an installation mistake/process/error.

Mis-Ordered items sent back for exchange for the correct item will not be charged a restocking fee,
but incurred shipping costs may be due and collected before EA releases the replacement shipment.

In the event of an error by our/EA staff, no restocking charges will be assessed and return shipping costs refunded to consumer.

We/EA Alway's Try's To Work Through Issues When Ever & Anyway We Can
Imperative the above steps followed for a smooth return process.

We reserve the right to modify, amend, or change this policy anytime at our discretion.
* Electrical Items are Non-Returnable Without Previous Authorization *
* All / Any Installed Items Won't Be Accepted *
Always mail your package in a prepaid, insured, traceable method to the address below.
* Specific Instructions Below must be followed to insure proper credit *
--->   Returns must normally always be sent to the address on the top left of your original invoice   <---

Inside the package on a sheet of paper include all contact details, order information, and anything related to reason for return.
Then let us know if you would like an in store credit (minus shipping) and/or an exchange.  
Outside the package write "Return" then "RGA # your invoice # ".  
Typically returns are checked in every Friday / Saturday.  

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I Received the Wrong Product !   

What do I do next?

First Be Calm; as we are human on very rare occasion we may make an error while processing an order.

First and foremost email us via the contact us page, or via Sales@ElectricalAdvantage.Net
When opening packages always use care; we reserve the right to refuse damaged packaging items,
as the ability to redistribute the item to another customer may be hindered.

What Do I Do If I Received A Damaged Product?

We make every effort to package the item the best we can so that it will be in perfect condition when it arrives at your door.
Unfortunately, in rare cases an item may be damaged during shipment .  
We understand your frustration and we will do everything we can to replace the product as quickly as possible !  
Always note to the delivery person When receiving a package that appears compromised, damaged, opened.
Often this may require some written documentation from the driver.

Do You Charge A Re-Stocking Fee For Returns?

Restocking Charge
Assigned Will Be a Minimum of $15.00 on All Orders, or 20% of the purchase price which ever is greater.

It depends on the reason for the return and the amount of time that it takes you to return it.   

If the item has been opened, and/or installed it will not be accepted for any reason. Items shipped under our "Free Shipping Program" will definately have the original shipping costs deducted from any possible credits.  
Some items may carry a warranty ; the instances are dealt with on a product by product basis.  
We reserve the right to refuse / deny any return, or warranty claim we deem invalid.

How Long Do Refunds Take?

Typically returns are checked in every Friday / Saturday.
 If you paid by credit card , it may take up to 3 business days to show up on your credit card account .  
If you paid by check or money order, the refund should arrive in the mail within 7 - 14 business days .  
We work hard to be sure that your refunds get to you as quick as possible ! 

* Product Warranty Claim Or Issue *

We reserve the right to modify, amend , or change this policy Anytime at our discretion

Possible defective parts come up from time to time and do exist and as much as we do our best to only handle the best quality items.
If the event of a possible warranty or defective item the customer
i.e. ( Buyer) agrees to ship the items back to us at their expense for review.

Once a determination is made; EA can then make a decision on how to proceed.
We / EA Reserve's the right to choose the service path for the customer.
This will result in replacement of good (s)/ Part (s) the vast majority of the time.
In some rare instances replacement items are not in stock, EA will then issue refund in the manner originally paid.
Please Note:

Electrical Items that have been installed are not subject to credit or refund 

We welcome any questions, or input you may have regarding this topic.

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